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Sales Post!

Alright then, all prices include shipping to the UK, and everything will be shipped next Thursday. I accept trades and do holds, so feel free to ask any questions!

Black music note JSK

Photobucket Photobucket

I'm hesitant to sell this because it's such a cute dress, although it doesn't suit my style anymore so I'd rather it go to a good home!
Bust - 32"
Waist - 27"
Length - 33.5"

Classic Music Skirt


I made this a long time ago (hence no lining and stray cotton) but it doesn't fit me anymore, so I'm going to make myself another one in the right size. The print is absolutely gorgeous! There is a matching waistcoat to go with this but I have yet to finish the button holes xD
The waist it elasticated so it fits a 10 to 14.
Length - 18.5"

Paisley Skirt


I really like this skirt but I found some more of the fabric the other day and decided I'm going to make myself a fancier design with it, so I'm selling the original one! I always get nice compliments when I wear this : )
Waist - 29"
Length - 19"

Purple Heart Hoodie

If I remember rightly this is a kid's sized hoodie, so it will most likely fit 8 to 10s : )

Bow Heels

I'm selling these because they are far too big for me, I've only tried them on around my room, so they are like new! Size 6 : )

Victorian Heels

Only worn outside twice, I'm selling these because I've just not worn them enough to justify keeping them when I know someone else could get so much use out of them! Size 6 : )

Heart Print Socks

OTK, not good for girls with big calves, I discovered ¬_¬
Only tried on ^_^

Stripey Dotty Bag

Used once, 11" long and "15 along the bottom.

Black Bow Handbag

Handmade by myself, I just don't use it anymore because I prefer shoulder bags to handbags. Lined with satin (lol) with velcro fastenings and an inside pocket : )

Pink Bow Handbag

Same as above, but in pink! : )
Cotton lining, no velcro in this one though.

Bear Bag

Selling because The strap is too small for me and I can't be bothered doing anything to fix it xD
Brand new, never used!

Thanks for looking, do feel free to ask any questions! : D
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