Pansy (call_me_pansy) wrote,

Woohoo. Today I went to Tesco, bought a butt load of sweets and various bits, got home and catagorised them and put them into bags o goodies for Friday, because I am just that damn sad XD
Then I proceeded to throw buckets of water at the table in the back garden to drown the spiders living in it's legs, brought it into the house and then decided the layout for the actual tea party table.
Then I made two cakes to test the cooking chocolate I bought, and I dropped my camera on one of them like a goon so I had to lick the chocolate of it before I could take a photo o_0
Then I talked to Stevie and checked my emails, and found out that some of the stuff on my shelf in Afflecks has been sold. YAY!

It's been a good day.

Tomorrow I'm going out with Stevie to meet up with Ben for a smoke, he used to be in our class at college, and I used to be good friends with him. I haven't seen him properly for a lonnnnng time, I'm looking forward to it, it should be good.

On Wednesday I'm going to Afflecks to get my loot for my stuff that was sold, and hopefully Yifang will tell me whether I'm going to be working at her shop permanently or not. I hope so, because not only is the money good, it's really good fun working there and she's an overall really nice person. Oh and I bought some purple and white bunny ears on Friday, they match my purple JSK so nicely : D

Can't wait 'till Friiiiiiiiiday!
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